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Here are links to sites where I am reviewing products for sex hormones. I am not a medical doctor and the opinions expressed here are based on my research and discussions with professionals in the field. I recommend all people with concerns about their reproductive health do their own research.

Some Sex Hormones:

Progestin: Progestin is a natural estrogen that acts as a natural form of birth control, but can also be a side effect of certain drugs. The most common side effects of progesterone include nausea, vomiting, and headache. If you are experiencing the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, or headache when you take progesterone, you may want to consider a lower dose or switch to a different kind of birth control pill. There are two other natural forms of birth control: IUDs, which prevent pregnancy by creating an IUD with a tiny, thin metal wire, and condoms, which block sperm from passing through an IUD, but don't prevent pregnancy. IUDs can cause menstrual cramps and bleeding, and condoms can cause infection.

Treating infertility: One of the most common problems couples encounter when they're trying to have children is infertility. The most common cause of infertility is not having enough sperm to fertilize the egg.

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