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What is a supplement?

Supplements are foods that contain nutrients and other substances. We typically refer to supplements as "supplements" because they contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other substances that are added to foods. Some of these substances may be in food, but it's not necessary to buy them. Other supplements may be used to increase your physical activity levels, to get a good night's sleep, to improve memory, and to treat a health condition. (Some people also use a supplement to fight depression.)

A nutrient, or nutrient, is a substance that can be found in food, in nature, or in a supplement. For example, there are vitamins. Vitamins and minerals include the same substances that people typically consume, such as minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. However, people don't need to eat vitamin pills for their health. Rather, some vitamins and minerals may be provided in foods that are often fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. In some situations, a supplement might be more beneficial than another.

Nutrients are useful in one way only: to support health. The foods that contain nutrients are those that people typically eat. The food that most people would eat is what is known as the "standard diet" or "typical diet," which has the following characteristics: it is usually available in a number of different foods that are available in most stores, and

it has the same amount of nutrients as an adult who consumes a typical amount of food.

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