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My Skin Deep Recommendations My skin is lighter than normal. It's even on the palms of my hands, but it's not a light tone anymore. This is because there are many ingredients, including many of the same ingredients I used in the Skin Deep page. The most effective product for me is one that contains: 1. Zinc oxide, 2. Vitamin E, 3. Lutein, 4. Beta-carotene, 5. Vitamin C, 6. Niacinamide, 7. Molybdenum, 8. Selenium, 9. Selenomethionine, 10. Selenopsin.

I have an online store where I sell my skin care products for free. I want to hear your thoughts on the current state of the skin care industry, and on whether you think that we should see a complete transformation, or whether it's more about marketing and advertising, or simply a more complicated market with no clear winners. You may share your ideas with me on my blog, or you may email them directly to me by using the links below. If you send me an email, I promise to read it, but only if I agree that you have read it and agree to the terms of use that apply to my blog.

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Mary Prince

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Mary Prince

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